Thursday, 1 May 2014

System Mechanic Professional 10 incl key


Program Accelerator:
Over time, the many files that make up a program drift apart and become scattered across the hard drive. The new Program Accelerator realigns these program files, resulting in programs that launch faster and respond more quickly.
CRUDD Remover™
The new CRUDD Remover detects and displays the redundant programs that can impact PC performance and stability, and then you decide which programs you want to keep or remove.
Broken Internet connection repair
A new repair feature that fixes damaged or broken Internet connection problems caused by destructive software is now in ActiveCare and the PC Repair PowerTool.
Whole Home™ Licensing
Previously, one System Mechanic license could be installed on up to 3 PCs. Because many people now have more than three computers, System Mechanic is now licensed under the Whole Home™ Licensing program, which allows you to use one System Mechanic license on all of the PCs in your household.


Tune-up Definitions™
Tune-Up Definitions, the weekly research updates automatically delivered to System Mechanic customers, have significantly expanded and grown from one category to five, capturing even more data about the issues that impact PC performance.
The drive defragmentation technology in DriveAccelerator is re-engineered both to incorporate new features in Windows 7 and to work in conjunction with the new Program Accelerator.
PC TotalCare®
More cleanup, repair, and optimization functions are now in PC TotalCare, the all-in-one PowerTool™ that provides a complete PC tune-up for overall performance improvements.
PC Accelerator
New detection and optimization functions are added to PC Accelerator, the all-in-one PowerTool that speeds up web access, boot times, program functioning, and more.
PC Repair
New detection and repair functions are added to PC Repair, the all-in-one PowerTool™ that can detect and fix hundreds of critical system problems. 

ActiveCare :
ActiveCare adds more automated tasks, enabling System Mechanic to automatically detect and repair more problems.
System Guard®
System Guard®, the automatic system defense tool, has undergone several enhancements, including simplified functionality for enabling the feature and full compatibility with 64-bit machines.
User interface
The System Mechanic interface is redesigned to allow for streamlined access to the program's expanded feature set.



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