Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Photolightning 5.51 incl kygen


Editing photos doesn’t have to be hard or awkward, and an easy-to-use program like Photolightning is perfect to learn some basic editing techniques with. This photo editing software allows you to fix poor lighting, add text and even back up your pictures to a CD or DVD directly from the program.
Photolightning largely uses preset options, making it possible to make quick, one-button edits. This can be a great approach if you do not have any previous experience with image editing, but the software is lacking many of the common options available with most editing software.
You can crop, remove red eyes and adjust lighting with the click of your mouse, but it becomes harder to edit your photos beyond that because of the lack of adjustments available. The backlighting fix, focus correction and sky color changer adjustments make global changes to the entire photo, and without a selection tool you cannot make adjustments to separate parts of your picture.
You can download photos directly into Photolightning from your digital camera or from your computer. This software automatically detects cameras when you plug them into your computer with a USB cord, and you can set it to automatically import your pictures, eliminating a step in the editing process.
One of the strongest features of this software is the batch processing feature. Batch processing lets you apply edits, filters and adjustments to a whole group of photos at once, instead of individually. This is a great feature if you have an online auction business or need to apply the same corrections to an album.
Photolightning includes a photo organization app that helps you sort and label your pictures. One feature we are impressed with is the program’s ability to recognize which pictures you have already downloaded and automatically skip over them. You can sort photos by date, time or even whether they have been edited or not.
When you are done editing and saving your photos, Photolightning allows you to order prints directly from online photo developers such as Snapfish, WalMart, Shutterfly and Walgreens. Printing at home is easy as well, thanks to printable templates that work with most popular specialty paper. You can turn your photo album into an instant slideshow or attach your images directly to an email from within Photolightning.
Support is limited to email and a couple frequently asked questions. Fortunately, the help file gives you enough instruction that you can figure out how to use the tools effectively.


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