Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Teamviewer 9.0.31064 + Patch


TeamViewer - the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings. While most competitors offer different packages for spontaneous support, server administration, home office, presentations, meetings, online training and teamwork, TeamViewer combines all of these modules in a single, extremely affordable application. TeamViewer is a very secure solution for remote maintenance. Your connections utilize completely secured data channels featuring RSA 1024- bit mediation (public/private key) and AES 256-bit session encoding.

What's NEW in Version 9.0.31064
• Auto lock feature is now customizable
• Added a update button within the toolbar when connecting to outdated TeamViewer versions
• Other minor improvements and fixes

Features repacking :
1. Combining a full distro (Full), portable (Portable), server (Host) versions.
2 . Used modes of ToBad to disable hype and resettable ClientID (reset is performed by AutoIt script), removed the log file transfer.
3 . Russian , English and Ukrainian languages ​​interface (automatic selection of the language system).
4 . Together with a complete and portable versions can be installed Shell for TeamViewer - a program for keeping a list of contacts TeamViewer and fast connection to them in different modes: Remote management , presentation, file transfer , VPN- connection.
5 . When you install the full version in Windows XP, possible not to install the service program , if not choose Autoplay TeamViewer ( in this system can work without a set service ) .
6. Portable version of the program can be unpacked in any specified folder and running after installation.
7. Picked up by the installer (if you are close ) and will be copied to a folder with a / unpacked program : *. dll ( plugin files or additional languages ​​), tv.ini ( file settings portable version TeamViewer) and config.ini (configuration TV Shell).
8. When you install the full version or server can be integrated in the register file settings.reg, containing custom settings program , if it is next to the installer .  


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