Saturday, 17 January 2015

데드엔드99 Apk Full Download

Description :

1. Basic Explanation
1) This game is writing and drawing, namseonghyang 'visual Noble, enjoying a voice.
2) is a special piece introduced in Tales Shop Christmas celebration.
3) The play time is 3 hours.
4) The smoke of professional actors, and above all 'mermaid's gutters' of the artist and CG are close mungchyeot again.

*. This game is a content revolves around the story and pictures, the director. For this part eopeusigil error.
*. The problem occurs on Android 5.0.0 (lollipop). If you are resolved to update the OS to 5.0.1.
2. Story
Awakened in the palm of time he woke up there was a High Strung cat ears. ♡.
(X High School Girls High Strung)
3. Features
1) 'passing one's fun and touching story that (a masterpiece:' mermaid in the corner of the room, '' unattended World ')
2) Sino cute characters and events of the Bar CG (masterpiece: 'mermaid in the gutters')
3) Professional actors have played the heroine full voice Careers
4) reasonable price
4. Staff
Director / Scenario: a passing dog
CG: Synova
UI & LOGO: changsae
Background processing & effects: QQUACK
special thanks to: set volume
Production: Tales Shop

. Sungwoo information
Ivory - C.V: gimsae year
Gonyangyi - C.V: Kim Yeon Woo
Cast & Director: Dioxide
Source information: "Dead End 99%" OST
Produced by SQUARE MUSIQ
Executive Producer. And Sumin
Mix & Mastered by TMDC (SQUARE Lab)
All Theme Composed by lantern anglerfish
Ending theme song "Need You 99%."
(Composer: lantern anglerfish, and Sumin / Arrangement: Lanterns angler / Lyrics: Ha Su-min / vocals: Lielle [SQUARE MUSIQ])
5. Notes
 *. Approximately 50MB download, there is added after installation. Please ensure sufficient capacity on the SD card (internal).
 *. Minimum Requirements: Android 2.3 or higher Galaxy S1 or more, Recommended: Galaxy S2 over

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