Thursday, 20 March 2014

OPERA 2013

Feature Status Notes
Opera Link Work in progress[1] [2] Partial support in Developer stream. Awaiting new Opera Link server deployment?
Themes Work in progress[3]
Geolocation In Next build Enabled by default; see opera://flags
Feature-rich tab bar Work in progress[4] In Developer stream: Pinned tabs.
Trash can button? Left, Right and Bottom positions? Tab Stacking? Windows panel?
Tab Previews? Visual Tabs? Follower Tab? Tile, Cascade and other MDI features?
Opera Dragonfly Work in progress[5] [6] [7] Difficult.[8] 80% portable?[9]
Advanced settings Work in progress[10]
Keyword search engines Work in progress[11] Developer stream allows configuration of user-defined search engines. Editing of built-in search engines not supported (yet?).
Link text selection Work in progress[12] double-click = word, triple-click = sentence, quad-click = paragraph
Bookmarks In Developer build Developer stream has Quick Access Bar with folders, drag-and-drop, bookmark importer and
open from address bar (URL/name matching only).
Missing: manage nicknames, descriptions, double click to edit, metadata (created date, visited date), open from address bar (nickname/description text matching).




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