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The Bat! Professional Edition 6.4.6


The Bat! Professional is the most popular e-mail client for OS Microsoft Windows, the program used by more than six million Internet users, the program allows you to work with an unlimited number of mailboxes, use the powerful tools to filter messages, message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many more. The main objective of the program is reliable protection against theft correspondence and monitoring outside. The Bat! protect your information by various methods, including encryption of user data on the hard disk, encrypted traffic. The Bat! allows you to keep the secrecy of correspondence, protecting sensitive data, as can be operated without the use of global email service providers and Web-based interface. The Bat! Professional Edition has all the properties version Home. In addition, in this version there are additional options that need advanced users.

Possibilities of the client The Bat!
The Bat! allows you to keep the secrecy of correspondence, protecting sensitive data from theft and monitoring from the outside, as can be operated without the use of global service providers email address and web interface. The Bat! helps you protect your information by various methods, including encryption of user data on the hard disk, encrypted traffic.

The Bat! allows you to work with an unlimited number of mailboxes, process and store an unlimited number of messages. Program The Bat! has developed a system of automatic letter sorting, convenient template system, built-in text editor with spell checker and many other useful functions.

Security of Personal Information
Program TheBat! Is the most widespread support of authentication protocols and encryption while working with mail servers.
Recent versions of The Bat! equipped with safety features applications that help make a really personal user information.
The Bat! protects your mail from system failure due to backup capabilities, as well as intentional misrepresentation and leakage of confidential information when sending e-mail through the Internet.
Secure CRAM-MD5 authentication prevents unauthorized users to access your account on the mail server.

Furthermore, The Bat! offers a variety of remedies mail from virus attacks
The Bat! uses its own address book, not related to the address book Microsoft Windows Address Book. Address Book Microsoft Windows, programs used Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and others, is the main target of virus attacks, since viruses extracted email addresses from your address book Microsoft for distribution.
Internal HTML viewer
Internal viewing module HTML, built in The Bat!, Does not depend on the system unit and display HTML from Microsoft Internet Explorer. Built-in The Bat! language supports HTML 4.0 and hypertext document formatting styles CSS v2.0, ignores the scripts and executable code, which is the main cause of viruses. View module HTML, built in The Bat!, Prevents viruses using known vulnerabilities HTML from Microsoft Internet Explorer (IFRAME, Automatic Execution of Embedded MIME type, etc.), enter your Computer literacy.
Correct work with attached files
The Bat! warns the user before attempting to open files with extensions suspicious of possible viruses, allows you to prevent execution of files of certain types. Furthermore, the main advantage of The Bat! is that the user sees the actual extension of the attached files. The program does not hide the type of the attached files from the user. If the attached file is "double extension", for example, photo.jpg.exe, The Bat! will give the user an additional warning.
Selective download
Selective download allows you to delete a letter or leave it on your POP3 server without waiting for loading posts. Selective filters can be used to download anti-virus and unwanted advertising.
Interface to the virus scanner
The Bat! provides an interface to the known anti-virus scanners, thereby realizes the possibility of check attached files for viruses.

Virus Protection
Another aspect of security protection from malicious code. Unlike other e-mail programs, The Bat! does not start scripts automatically. The Bat! uses its own mechanism to view HTML, own image viewer module that protects you from viruses aimed at operating system mechanisms vulnerability. Windows users report that, in addition to the above features, The Bat! involves such components Windows, as a mechanism for the random allocation of Address Space (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for protecting your computer from viruses and malicious codes spread via email. In The Bat! embedded URL Manager to extract the background images in HTML. This helps the manager to deal with malicious codes are inserted in the image.

Manage downloading images.
Security has always been a hallmark RITLabs. This credo developers have not changed, built into the program URL Manager to extract the background images of the letters in HTML. His appearance is due to more frequent penetration of malicious code into users' computers through a communications HTML, containing graphics. New manager allows you to block suspicious and safe flow images, making extraction is not, depending on the folder or message recipient, but out of danger of a host or URL incoming messages.

Filtering one of the strengths of the program
Used for processing correspondence built Sorter letters that automatically distributes incoming, outgoing, read and processed mail to the appropriate folders. Setting rules for sorting only takes a few minutes, after which you can to forget about manual shifting messages from folder to folder.

Automatic processing of messages
The above letters Sorter allows you to automate message handling: configure auto answer, launch external application, add recipients in the address book, export or archive messages, remove attachments and more.

The Bat! can not only add a signature to a post, but also allows you to create email templates using a great variety of special macros. Any box, folder or destination can have its own template for a new message, reply or forward. Application templates can significantly accelerate preparations mail, especially when the letter includes standard or frequently repeated text.

Quick Templates
Quick Templates enable you to automate the process of creating business letters, and save time by inserting a letter in advance typed text. If a user has to answer every day in letters to the same questions, he will appreciate these templates. Perception templates, as well as in normal, a full set of macros allows you to set any, even the most complex sequence of actions.

A unique feature of parking
With parking can be attached to a specific email folder and prevent it from accidentally delete or move.

All settings, address book and mail folders can be stored in a separate file and then restored from a backup in case of undesired change or loss of data. Archives can provide comments and password protection (in this case the backup content will be encrypted). Furthermore, The Bat! allows you to create a separate backup for each mailbox or folder.

Effective encryption
Internal execution PGP, based on generally accepted mechanism of OpenSSL, you can encrypt messages and sign them with digital signatures. Handy manager for digital keys included. Free additions to PGP v5.5, v6.0.2, 6.5, v7.x - v10.x GnuPG also supported. Furthermore, The Bat! works with S / MIME via Internal Implementation or Microsoft CryptoAPI. The Bat! The first e-mail client that supports data compression S / MIME. The Bat! works with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) v3.1 / Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.0 with the algorithm AES.

Compatible with Microsoft Exchange
The Bat! connects to servers to Microsoft Exchange, using the MAPI protocol to call or send messages. Simply install Microsoft Office Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Client to provide components to connect to Exchange, which will use The Bat!.

National coding
The Bat! works with all character sets, including Russian and Eastern European. Flexible configuration allows you to set its encoding for each box and each recipient. Universally supported encoding Unicode. It also supports all system fonts and character sets.

Manager allows you to process mail on the server before it is downloaded. Excellent tool for remote control of your correspondence. Is particularly useful if you want to leave messages on the server volume to read them later, or delete emails without receiving them.

Address Book contains a list of destinations that can be combined into groups for classification or for use addresses as mailing list, ie send a letter to all members of the group. Each record can be targeted to attach a photo to indicate personal data, information about the place of work, patterns of letters to the addressee list of S MIME-subscriber certificates, as well as the default encoding. In The Bat! Stories address option is present, which allows you to browse and quickly find any message with any of the correspondents.

Multilingual interface
The Bat! allows you to change the language "on the fly", without restarting the program.

Image viewer module
The Bat! module has its own image viewer. This means that access to attached images is much faster than using an external application. Users can switch between all the images embedded in email. The module supports rotation, the algorithms change the size and scale, full-screen mode, the output images to print.

Import messages

The Bat! allows to import messages from other e-mail clients:
Google Contacts
Microsoft Outlook Express v4.xx
Microsoft Outlook Express v5.0
Microsoft Outlook Express v6.0
Netscape Communicator v4.xx
Netscape Mail v2.xx/3.xx
Eudora Lite / Pro
Pegasus Mail v2.xx or 3.xx

Import address books from files:
Business card VCard
Text separated by commas
Text tab-delimited
Address Book The Bat!
Eudora Address Book
File template Pegasus

Support for Internationalized Domain Names
Starting with version 6.0, The Bat! supports IDN - domain names. IDN - from the English Internationalized Domain Names - Internationalized domain names that contain international characters, for example, prezident.rf, pochta.rf and so on. Such domain names are names made up of letters is not the planet Latin alphabets: Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese alphabet, etc. And you can also use the names of characters from the Latin alphabet with diacritical marks (German, French, etc.)

Works with any Windows-based system
System Requirements The Bat! more than modest. The Bat! running Windows XP and later versions of Windows with a minimum screen resolution of 1024X768. Minimum memory requirements, or processor speed does not exist.

It is now possible to import without checking signatures PGP keys from PGP-signed emails


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